The Funniest Roasts Of Donald Trump Across Pop Culture

Donald Trump gets a bad rap among the various facets of pop culture, and whether or not you believe in the digs, you have to admit, they can be pretty funny. It seems like every day, another public figure is taking a stand against the man who will very likely be the next GOP nominee. And while he has a lot of friends and defenders, most people speaking out about Trump have tried to take all sorts of avenues to convince us that Trump is far from the candidate to support. Even before his presidential campaign, no one hesitated in piling on. Let’s take a look at some of the funniest roasts of Donald Trump across pop culture.

Trump was officially roasted five years ago on Comedy Central. With Seth MacFarlane as the host and roasters including Snoop Dogg and Anthony Jeselnik, they got some pretty good slams in. Just a shame it took place after roast king Greg Giraldo’s death (RIP).

That same year, Seth Meyers and President Obama tore Trump down at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Bill Maher parodied Trump’s accusations about Obama’s heritage by insinuating that Trump originated from an orangutan. It’s a segment that triggered one of Trump’s infamous lawsuits (that was later dropped), but demonstrated how ridiculous the claims against Obama were.

More recently, John Oliver found attention with his long takedown of Trump on Last Week Tonight that is worth watching in its entirety. SNL also brought the insults to Trump’s many fans, and Mac Miller set a fire to Trump and his views on Muslim people on The Nightly Show.

Clearly, if Trump secures the Republican nomination, we are in store for even more brutal digs over the upcoming year.