Donald Trump Tried To Deny Calling Global Warming A Hoax, But The Internet Brought Receipts

Monday night’s presidential debate — the first of three head-to-head meetings between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and possibly-not-quite-billionaire Donald Trump — was one of the most-watched televised events in history. During the debate, Trump’s long history of climate change denial was broached by Clinton — and was immediately shot down by her opponent.

“Donald thinks that climate change is hoax perpetrated by the Chinese,” Clinton said. “I think it’s real. I think science is real.”

“I did not say that!” Trump interrupted. “I do not say that.”

But, as the Internet quickly pointed out, the Republican presidential nominee most definitely said just that. In a series of tweets from November 2012, Trump called global warming “mythical,” “nonexistant,” and, yes, a “hoax.” He also attributed the hoax to — you guessed it — China.

The Internet was quick to point out this fact, pulling up these old tweets and plenty of others.

Click here to sift through years of Trump’s tweets about global warming, about which he’s been vocally skeptical for years. Trump appears to tweet about climate change nearly every time he gets cold and regularly references the fact that “global warming” was renamed “climate change” as though these observations easily disprove scientific fact.

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