The Presidential Debate Kicked Off Awkwardly With Trump And Clinton Declining To Shake Hands

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump walked onto the stage of Sunday Night’s debate and after a few awkward “hellos” refrained from shaking hands. The two competitors clearly have taken off the gloves in light of Clinton’s leaked Wall Street speeches and Trump’s insulting remarks regarding the opposite sex, and there is an utter lack of respect as the race for the highest office in the land gets closer to election day.

In a fight, no touch of gloves is the ultimate form of disrespect. In this instance, it’s clear that these two are beyond mudslinging and there never was any respect to begin with. As the opening minutes began in the “debate,” Trump would consistently avoid questions and bring up Clinton’s past, including her email scandal, Bill Clinton’s infidelity, and any right wing conspiracy that could come to mind. Clinton would bring up Michelle Obama’s remark of, “when they go low, we go high,” but it was nearly impossible to do that with Trump constantly speaking over Clinton.

One thing is absolutely clear — there’s no doubt that this debate, or whatever it is, will end with both candidates refusing to shake hands once again.

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