People Tweeting Protests To Trump’s Immigration Ban Are Inadvertently Supporting The Falcons

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President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban people from certain countries from entering the United States created immediate backlash.

On Saturday night, protesters showed up at airports across the country to show support for those trying to enter the country and stand against Trump’s immigration ban (which a federal judge in New York attempted to put a halt to). Among the hashtags that protesters have latched onto in response to Trump’s ban is #RiseUp, in an effort to state the intent of the people to stand against Trump and others in political power making these decisions.

It’s a strong message. However, it also happens to be the slogan of the Atlanta Falcons, and since the NFL has a deal with Twitter where each team has it’s own hashtag, every time someone tweets #RiseUp a little Falcons logo pops up in the tweet. This has created a somewhat hilarious phenomenon, first noted by Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post, where if you search #RiseUp on Twitter you will get a mix of Falcons fans trying to get hyped for the Super Bowl and people protesting Donald Trump.

There are tons of examples if you want to sift through them, and I’d love to know how Falcons owner Arthur Blank feels about this.

It would be extremely interesting to see an NFL team take a firm stand on an issue like this, and with their hashtag already in place the Falcons have an opportunity to speak out against the immigration ban if they were so moved. It would be made even more interesting since the Falcons play the Patriots, quarterbacked and coached by Trump supporters in Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, in the Super Bowl.