No One Enjoyed Donald Trump’s Immigration Shoutfest More Than Ann Coulter

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Ann Coulter’s had quite an eventful week. She got completely torched at Rob Lowe’s Comedy Central Roast, but before all that happened, she took a roller coaster ride in the madcap world of Donald Trump’s immigration flip flops. Coulter nearly became distraught last week when she heard of Trump possibly “softening” his hard-line stance. She’s a massive fan of the Wall and mass deportation proposal and can’t bear the thought of amnesty. So, any notion of backsliding wasn’t about to make Coulter do cartwheels.

Needless to say, when Trump hopped into his lengthy shoutfest on Wednesday night, Coulter was doing metaphorical backflips. She was so happy to see the Republican nominee she knew and loved. He was madly railing against Syrian refugees and dangerous border-crossers from Mexico, and this thrilled Coulter. Never mind that this wasn’t really a policy speech, but more of a scripted rant (separated into numbered sections with little rhyme or reason). Trump’s biggest fan acted giddier than we’d seen her behave in a while.

Quite simply, Coulter was high on Trump and let it all hang out on Twitter. She liked the speech even more than David Duke did.

Let’s slowly ease into Coulter’s happy Twitter storm. First, she thought the Mexico visit went so well that a speech might not be necessary.

But she soon forgot about a “transition team” and commenced party time.

Before too long, Coulter enjoyed this speech so much that she wanted to take it to bed with her every night. She may not have been joking.

And then things got really weird when she decided Trump is more eloquent than Winston Churchill.

Trump gifted Coulter with the most joyous occasion she’s known for (likely) weeks. Of course, that doesn’t mean his surrogates won’t feel backlash tomorrow and try to twist his meaning before Trump starts moonwalking backwards. But for now, Coulter is in heaven.

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