Even Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day Photo Has An ‘Alternative Fact’

As far as Donald Trump’s tweets go, this one, which he sent on Tuesday, is downright normal: “A photo delivered yesterday that will be displayed in the upper/lower press hall. Thank you Abbas!” Nothing shocking there, and the photo in question doesn’t show the president shaking hands with Vladimir Putin or anything (too) scandalous; it’s of the Inauguration Day ceremony. This being Trump, though, there’s more to the picture than meets the eye.

The caption on the photo (taken by Panoramic Visions Photography founder Abbas Shirmohammadi, who has “been involved in creating images of every presidential inaugural since Ronald Reagan”) reads, “Swearing-In Ceremony of President Donald J. Trump, January 21st, 2017, United States Capitol, Washington, D.C.” One problem: that wasn’t the date of the inauguration. Trump officially became president on January 20 (as has every president since 1937) — the Women’s March on Washington was held on January 21.

The funniest possible explanation for the “typo” would be Shirmohammadi throwing Department of Defense-level shade at Trump, but the photographer, an Iranian immigrant living in Washington, told the New York Daily News it was a “mistake. It was midnight, it was such a rush. We just corrected it.” That didn’t stop the internet from having fun with this “alternative fact,” though.

(Via New York Daily News)

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