Donald Trump Says Jeb Bush And Lindsey Graham Have ‘No Honor’

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Watching Donald Trump’s ascent to the Republican candidacy has been truly entertaining or horrifying, depending on your political and social views. One thing is for sure, though; Donald Trump is not afraid to speak his mind when it comes to politicians, even ones that are technically on his side. So while the Donald was trying to rope in that Latino vote this week by praising their people for their tacos, he’s also focused on other public figures and shooting from the hip.

So while Jeb Bush has come out and congratulated Donald Trump on what looks to be clear sailing to the Republican ticket, Bush wouldn’t outright support Trump for President. That doesn’t sit well with the Donald. According to CBS News, Lindsey Graham is also in the same boat and the Donald is furious over this.

Trump is referencing a pledge that the Republican party made candidates sign to not run as third party candidates and to support the party regardless of the outcome. Of course, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan hasn’t supported Trump, but Trump seems confident that he’ll earn that support eventually. At a campaign rally in Spokane he had pointed words for all those that oppose him, much like you assume that he would, although he was a bit softer towards Ryan.

“Most everybody has endorsed me — other than Paul Ryan,” Trump said, to loud booing from the crowd. “I don’t know what went wrong there…But we’ll see.”

“I would imagine things will be OK with Paul Ryan. We’ll see…I would bet if he had the decision to do it again he would have done it the simple way, ‘I endorse Trump,'” he said.

If Trump actually becomes the candidate and doesn’t cause the complete meltdown of the Republican party is still uncertain, but the numbers alone show that Trump running on the Republican ticket looks like a sure bet.

(via CBS News)