‘Loser’ Donald Trump And ‘Pathetic’ Jeb Bush Exchanged Fiery Barbs On ‘Morning Joe’

Jeb Bush and Donald Trump both popped into Monday’s Morning Joe ahead of Tuesday’s vital New Hampshire primaries. Bush appeared in person while Trump called in with comebacks after Bush got a little feisty. Poor Bush has been begging for applause while he’s on his own; but up against Trump, Bush has been awake since coming back from the dead. Bush spent the weekend making bemused expressions while Trump got shouty because (as Bush claims) Trump needs some therapy to deal with his anger.

On Morning Joe, host Mika Brzezinski played word association with Bush. When “Trump” came up, Jeb immediately responded, “Loser.” This is yet another timely celebration of one of Trump’s favorite words. Bush also elaborated on Trump’s unfitness for presidential tasks:

“Donald Trump recently became a Republican so no one has had this experience dealing with the guy. It’s just ridiculous. I mean the guy, he’s just a real-estate guy. He’s gone bankrupt four times, he’s a successful man, but not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, so why not confront him, challenge him?”

Trump came back on Bush’s “loser” comments with this: “Jeb Bush is a stiff you wouldn’t hire … he doesn’t know what (eminent domain) means.” Trump says Bush is going nowhere, and he’s spending too much money on takedown ads when Trump is “winning” no matter what. Trump also denied calling John McCain a “loser” as Bush said. To be fair, Trump actually said of McCain: “He’s not a war hero … I like people who weren’t captured.” Here’s Trump’s clip from Morning Joe where he rips into Bush.

After the show, the two men engaged in a morning Twitter war. Bush tweeted that Trump is still a loser and also “a liar and a whiner.” Trump tweeted out several insults in response. What did we ever do before Twitter?