Donald Trump Jr. Defends Ivanka Sitting In For The President During The G20 Summit

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Ivanka Trump got plenty of flak today when she sat in for President Trump during a G20 Summit meeting while her father was attending another bipartisan meeting. Some wondered why she was tapped to represent the United States when the Secretary of State and other high-ranking officials were available. Others fretted over the implications when the President has already been repeatedly criticized for nepotism and conflicts of interest. And still more noted Ivanka’s lack of qualifications on the issues at hand during a diplomatic meeting on Africa. Still, the First Daughter wasn’t without supporters, who felt she had every right to act as the President’s avatar. One them is her brother. The other is one of the President’s most outspoken critics.

Ana Navarro, the Republican CNN commentator who once called the President a “‘crazy, lunatic, 70-year-old man-baby,” felt that Ivanka was actually a better pick for the Presidential seat than her father. Part of that was the First Daughter’s poise and intelligence, but the other qualifier for Navarro was Ivanka’s skill when it comes to boozy summer snacks.

Donald Trump Jr. jumped in, agreeing with the first half of Navarro’s statement and dismissing the pundit’s comment on Ivanka’s popsicle chops as petty snark. “She’s way out of you league,” snapped Trump Jr.

He then went on to support his sister, strangely, by suggesting himself as an alternative substitute more likely to enrage the left.

He wrapped up by responding to someone who admired his willingness to stick up for his sister, explaining “It’s really almost too easy when your sister is Ivanka Trump.”

Donald Trump Jr. did his part as a big brother, to be sure. But Ms. Trump’s many fine qualities aside, Trump Jr.’s tweets didn’t really address concerns about nepotism or bypassing traditional government structures. Critics will surely continue to note that any of Trump’s children would be inappropriate choices precisely because they are the President’s relatives rather than elected or officially vetted and appointed officials, regardless of their popsicle-making prowess.

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