Donald Trump Jr.’s RNC Speech Also Contained Some Passages That Sounded A Bit Familiar

One night after Melania Trump stole the show at the Republican National Convention for all the wrong reasons after a side-by-side comparison showed unmistakable similarities to a Michelle Obama speech, Donald Trump Jr. delivered a forceful take on the kind of man his father is and why he should be President. Damage undone? Perhaps, for a moment as attentions shifted, but now there are side-by-side comparisons of a moment from his speech and an article by FH Buckley from The American Conservative. Here we go again? Not entirely.

Recycling is less offensive than plagiarism, but it’s still a bit sloppy. This is especially troubling when the original writer is offering up these words as a speech writer. Why someone wouldn’t pump the brakes on the inclusion of the line in question after last night is also a bit stupefying.

Will the Trump team brush this more minor infraction off as another instance where the media is blowing things out of proportion? Will they frame this as Hillary Clinton’s fault or trot out the My Little Pony defense (which is second only to The Disney Princess Defense in sheer adorableness)? Only time will tell. There’s also the possibility that Team Trump will try to ignore this in a similar manner to the way they did with the Melania Trump speech scandal — at least in the early morning hours before they realized that it was the rare Trump scandal that seemed to have legs. In any case, the last thing the Trump camp wanted — or needed — was another dumb distraction from their message that Hillary Clinton is a satanist and that Donald Trump Sr. is dope.