The ‘Daily Show’ Investigates The Rising Latino Movement Against Trump

Donald Trump is inspirational, this much is undeniable. But, to the dismay of many of Trump’s supporters, his inspirational rhetoric goes well beyond just giving certain groups of people a voice. No, Trump is universally inspiring. He is inspiring an unprecedented amount of GOP voters, and in their wake rises an anti-Trump voter movement the likes of which have never been seen. Legal permanent residents are racing towards citizenship in order to vote against Trump in the upcoming election.

As the report states, naturalization applications have gone up 15%, mostly amongst Latinos. These residents of the United States have never been more motivated to pass the expensive, difficult and exhausting process of becoming citizens of the U.S. and it’s all because of Trump. So, in a way, Trump is making America great again by lighting a fire under the world’s greatest melting pot.

Jordan Klepper interviews first-time Latino voters, to wall-loving Trump supporters in this exposé, shining a light on just how important it is to vote. When the stakes are this high, and the impact of a Trump presidency ripples like an orange, oddly-coiffed Mothra throughout America and its neighbors, you’d expect this kind of passion from both sides. We’re told naturalized citizens are more likely to vote than U.S. born citizens. And Immigrants are also far less likely to be criminals, but let’s not those facts get in the way. Maybe we’re coming down too hard on Trump. As we know, he loves Hispanics!