A Collection Of Donald Trump’s Best ‘Loser’ Tweets In Honor Of His Iowa Second Place Finish

Donald Trump did not have the Iowa caucus experience he hoped to enjoy on Monday evening. The generally dominant GOP candidate lost to Ted Cruz, and Trump can’t even blame a coin toss for his unexpected outcome. Even worse than losing to Cruz (which was a 28% to 24% matchup), Trump found out there’s another serious contender in this GOP race. Marco Rubio busted into third place with 23%. While this isn’t exactly a predictor of how the race will continue, it should take up Trump’s gold-plated little world.

In response, Trump gave a relatively “humble” speech that surprised folks. Trump is all about “winning” and not “losing,” but he rehearsed for the worst possible outcome. Now, Trump didn’t score as well as Bernie Sanders with his “virtual tie” speech, which was bolstered by a genuine smile. Sanders will win some votes from this speech because — even though he didn’t lose (a coin toss provided only a symbolic win for Hillary Clinton) — he handled the democratic tie with grace. Whereas Trump followed a script because he wants to come back in New Hampshire next week. He’ll have to work hard to overcome the immediate media response.

Following Cruz’s victory over Trump, it’s a fantastic time to remember Trump’s thoughts on second place finishes. He’s tweeted this Walter Hagen quote — “no one remembers who came in second” — a few times.

Even more hilarious are all the times Trump’s tweeted about “losers.” Other than “disgusting” and “bimbo,” Trump’s favorite disparaging label is either “losers” or “losers and haters.” To mark this historic Trump loss, let’s revisit an awe-inspiring collection of tweets where he’s called someone else a loser.