Donald Trump Told CNN That Megyn Kelly Was ‘Bleeding From Her Whatever’ At The GOP Debate

Last night, Donald Trump proved that if there’s anything he’s ready for, it’s to get into a civilized debate with other humans. If those humans, of course, aren’t Megyn Kelly, whom Trump has just not been able to leave alone.

Now, Trump has stepped in it once again. When talking to Don Lemon about the debate, The Donald said that Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her…whatever” during the debate. He might have meant eyes (because he’d just been talking about eyes), but it’s possible (nay, likely!) that our future president was letting everyone know that Kelly was on her period.

Trump also pointed out he has no respect for Kelly and reminded everyone that he’s the reason that all the crowds were there last night. He may not be wrong, but that doesn’t make him in any way right for the stuff he says.

Of course his comments ended up on Twitter and the reactions have been…well, they’re not kind:

Even Montel weighed in!

This, friends, is what it would look like if Donald Trump was our president. And if it happens, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that we’ll be at war with every country on earth.

(Via Mediaite)