Donald Trump Is Quick To Congratulate Himself Following The Orlando Nightclub Shooting

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It’s still early when it comes to determining the motives behind the Orlando nightclub shooting. The shooter apparently pledged his allegiance to ISIS when he called 911 about what he did, while his father suggested that witnessing two gay men kissing was the motivating factor. No matter how complicated the story behind this tragedy is, Donald Trump is here to make it simply about “Islamic terrorism” and the Democrats’ incompetence, as he showed on Twitter.

Trump’s first tweet about the shooting came on Sunday afternoon:

The tweet starts out very general, so if you didn’t know anything about Donald Trump, he could be talking about anything from the lack of gun control in our nation, to the fact that an LGBT nightclub was targeted.

By the second tweet, around an hour later, Trump clearly defined that he was talking about “Islamic terrorism.”

He accused Obama of ignoring this as a problem again, even though Obama did make a speech calling the tragedy an “act of terror.”

He then tweets information about what the gunman supposedly said inside the nightclub, and he links the shooting to a breaking story of a man with a cache of weapons who said he was heading to the L.A. Pride Festival.

Police do not believe that the suspect in L.A. is linked to the nightclub shooting, but that won’t stop Trump from claiming that he’s the presidential candidate to make America safe. So he retweets a supporter who has put her faith in him:

Of course, Trump’s suggestion to make America safe after the San Bernardino shooting was a travel ban on Muslims entering the United States. It’s surprising that he hasn’t repeated that call yet on Twitter.

The Democratic candidates have released formal statements about the shootings.

Bernie Sanders’ statement is more measured than Trump’s, offering condolences while waiting for more information on whether the shooting was an act of terrorism, a hate crime or both. Hillary Clinton’s is a little stronger:

Though she says that “we will learn more” about the shooting, she also pledges her commitment to protecting the LGBT community, fighting terrorism, and promoting gun control. This seems like a strong, but more dignified way to go when speaking out about a mass shooting, rather than crowing, “I told you so,” as Trump did.