Donald Trump Retweets A White Nationalist Who Drew Him Gassing Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump Attends The 16th Annual Outdoor Sportsman Awards
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Donald Trump proudly runs his own Twitter account, for which (as in reality) he lacks a filter. Only on very rare occasions will Trump recant anything, but it happens in particularly egregious cases. Trump once nixed some misleading crime statistics, and he zapped a campaign poster that included a stock photo of Nazi soldiers. Team Trump swiftly blamed that unfortunate incident on a mysterious “intern,” who simply knew no better.

Most of the time, Trump lets his unapologetic statements linger indefinitely in the ether, and he spends much of his time retweeting followers. He prefers to do so by cut-and-paste method rather than a traditional retweet. All the better to preserve flattering words before followers can reconsider, right? On Friday, Trump retweeted a Shutterstock image with Jeb Bush (holding a “Vote Bush” sign) superimposed into the foreground. The follower keeps taking the image private, so here’s a screenshot.

The photoshopped image was posted by a white nationalist account, but Trump disregarded the “WhiteGenocide” in the handle. His ego saw a Trump supporter, or he chose to overlook the obvious. The account regularly tweets anti-Semitic sentiments, and Raw Story dug up a now-deleted tweet that showed Trump gassing Bernie Sanders (who is Jewish). The drawing was preserved elsewhere for posterity.

So, Trump forged an online friendship with a Nazi sympathizer. Does he notice or even care? That’s a good question. This joke nicely summarizes the situation.

(Here’s that Shutterstock image used in the Bush photoshop project.)


(Via Raw Story)