Donald Trump’s RNC Speech Receives The Hilarious ‘Four Word’ Treatment

Republican National Convention: Day One
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Donald Trump’s super long GOP nomination acceptance speech last night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland led to an onslaught of criticism by political pundits, who called the fiery speech “angry” and “fear-mongering,” but it also led to a surprising amount of support from voters in a CNN/ORC instant poll.

In timely fashion, Twitter users couldn’t help but to react to Trump’s speech while using the hashtag #TrumpSpeechInFourWords. Started by former adviser to Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, Peter Daou, many users described their thoughts on the businessman-turned-politician’s speech in both serious and hilarious fashion.

Along with those against The Donald, many used the hashtag to show their support for Trump’s speech.

On Blue Nation Review, Daou says that the ridicule Trump is facing following his speech is “much-deserved.” The hashtag is now trending in the Top 5 on Twitter, according to Daou, leading him to participate as well.

In last night’s speech, Trump attacked opponent Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton several times. He vowed to ban immigrants from countries with ties to terror and — naturally — pledged to “make America great again.” If you missed the full speech, check it out below.

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