People Think They Know What Trump Used The Money The IRS Would Have ‘Squandered’ His Taxes On

Donald Trump admitted last night during the first presidential debate that his use of loopholes or possibly dodging taxes makes him “smart” while simultaneously decrying how our country’s infrastructure is crumbling. Donald may not realize this, but taxes go to many things, including infrastructure, as well as funding our military which he said, “has become weak and ineffective.” It’s a confusing thread of logic, but logic is thrown out the window when a man slams China for stealing our jobs while also manufacturing his clothes in China. Oddly, Trump also claimed his tax dollars would be “squandered” by the government.

So we can infer that Trump thinks his money would just be wasted if he paid taxes. We do know that he wants law and order, which needs to be paid for somehow. We know that Trump wants to make America great again, we know he wants to clean up the streets both literally and metaphorically, and we also know he has a history of not paying people who work for him. It seems like he’s mainly interested in paying himself. This may make him feel “smart,” but it also makes him untrustworthy, which is the criticism he often lodges against Hillary Clinton.

So what could’ve Trump spent his cash on that he kept through those loopholes that typically only someone in his position can manage?

Gold liquor bottles?

A gold and marble-adorned condo perhaps?

Here’s one of his failed casinos, which he just so happened to earn millions from bankrupting after raising money from public investors. (He stiffed his workers, too!)

This man cares about other people:

Of course, a person may spend their money on whatever they’d like. This isn’t to tell Trump how to spend his money. It’s simply showing that he’s completely out of touch with real people, working people, who are struggling to get by day by day, living paycheck to paycheck. The military vets, teachers, and workers that need the money to survive, and are doing whatever they can to make it while he coifs his hair in a gold-plated mirror.

We do know, however, that he’s thinking about maternity leave, thanks to Ivanka. At least we have that.