Apparently Having Nothing Better To Do, Trump Is Still Taking Shots At Hillary Clinton On Twitter

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Donald Trump is so predictable, but one cannot help marveling at how he still manages to inspire chaos. Since this week shall be a stressful one — Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation vote and possible filibuster are on the horizon, and the Russian ties investigation is ongoing, we can expect to see many outbursts. When in doubt over who to attack, however, Trump always goes back to his mainstay, Hillary Clinton … because perhaps he doesn’t realize that she’s no longer running for president? That’s an actual question.

Trump awoke bright and early this morning to attack his favorite target with some (semi-)new complaints. He continues for awhile, but first up, he’s entirely frustrated over Russia, and he’s already attacked Hillary a few times over the subject, including last week when he whined that Bill and Hillary haven’t been investigated for *their* Russian ties. Today, he’s still nonsensically ranting, this time about John Podesta, Russian sanctions, and “Did Hillary know?”

Trump is referring (because he is a conspiracy theorist) to unsubstantiated allegations against Tony Podesta from the Clinton Cash book. Trump would also like to know whether Hillary is planning to apologize for seeing some town hall questions in advance: “Just asking!”

For what it’s worth, Trump never “apologized” for — according to Megyn Kelly — possibly receiving debate questions in advance. Moving right along, Trump is also still beefing with U.S. intelligence and completely ignoring their unequivocal statements about how Obama did not wiretap Trump Tower. Naturally, Trump believes Fox News stories over the the U.S. intelligence community, even after Fox News suspended Judge Andrew Napolitano for making false claims about British Intelligence aiding Obama. Trump also peddled those falsehoods with glee, and here’s this morning’s edition.

FYI, the “amazing reporting” that Trump refers to can be seen in this “bombshell” report (claiming a “very high up” Obama official participated in unmasking Trump associates), which Fox News recirculated on Twitter. It’s the same bogus story that’s still got juice, and Trump adores it.

And on Sunday morning, Trump angrily complained about surveillance and leaking again, presumably in reference to House Intel Chair Devin Nunes’ claims. As it turns out, the surveillance that Nunes revealed to the world was both legal and incidental. And the leaking in that story came straight from the White House. Sad?