The Day After Chicago, Donald Trump Faces A Security Scare At An Ohio Rally

Donald Trump can’t yet get away from the protests powerful enough to shut down his Chicago rally on Friday.

As you can see in the CNN video above, Trump spoke at a rally in Vandalia, Ohio on Saturday. The candidate was looking very presidential, speaking in front of his TRUMP emblazoned private jet, with stiff and sweaty upper lip. In front of a rapturous crowd, Trump sonorously implored a protestor presumably in the audience to “go back home to the Mommy.” The camera closes in on Trump as he taunts the unseen protestor (or is he directing his ire at yesterday’s Chicago demonstrators?). Then, as the BBC describes it, a man gets close to rushing the stage, causing Secret Service agents to jump up on stage and surround Trump in a protective hug.

After the threat is contained, the Secret Service cedes the stage back to Trump, and the crowd stars chanting Trump’s name, then “USA! USA! USA!” It serves as a reminder that while there are many people opposing Trump, the man has a ton of supporters too.

“Thank you for the warning,” Trump says once everybody has calmed down. “I was ready for him, but it’s much easier if the cops do it.” Predictably, the crowd goes wild.

(via BBC)