This Guy Got A Donald Trump Tattoo He’s Probably Going To Regret Someday

Ohio resident Anthony Bordell attended Monday’s Donald Trump rally literally showing his support on his arm, sporting a brand new tattoo of the candidate’s face that he will now have on his body for the rest of his life. Bordell says that the tattoo took three hours to complete and cost him $500. No word on whether that’s tax deductible.

But why would someone willingly get a tattoo that would effectively ensure that no human woman would want to have sex with them ever again, for fear of gazing into the inked face of Donald Trump at the point of climax?

Bordell explains:

“It just came to me and felt like doing it and went ahead and did it. No second thoughts,” Bordell said. “I want him to win, but it’s on there for good.”

And if he doesn’t win? “Doesn’t matter.”

Sounds reasonable enough. Politico reporter Kyle Cheney was able to snap a photo of the tattoo up close and personal confirming that it is, in fact, real. What’s not real is Trump’s expression, which makes him look like the goddamn Gerber baby and has probably never appeared on his actual face.

Shout out to homeboy in the background who got caught like a deer in headlights in a picture of some random dude’s Trump tattoo, which he will now forever be associated with. He knew the risks when he made the decision to attend a Donald Trump rally.

(Via @kyledcheney, CBS News)