The Latest Wild Appointment To Donald Trump’s Administration Could Be Ted Cruz As Attorney General

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It’s a week into Donald Trump’s status as the official President Elect, and between his transition team and talk about various appointments to his White House staff confidence in the Trump administration isn’t exactly at an all time high. Choices like Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon have caused outcries among Trump’s opposition and the Democratic Party as a whole. That’s not even to mention a creationist as the Secretary of Education, a former WWE executive as Secretary of Commerce, or a climate change denier as the head of the EPA.

The next wild possibility for the Trump administration though, is a real doozy. Not only does it involve Ted Cruz being a part of Trump’s team in any way shape or form…it involves him being the next Attorney General of the United States. According to Bloomberg, Trump may legitimately be considering the current senator from Texas as an Attorney General candidate. Or, even more unexpectedly, as a candidate to fill the empty Supreme Court spot.

Before even getting into whether Cruz is qualified for either position, consider that this is the same man who refused to endorse Donald Trump on stage at the Republican National Convention and then was booed off stage while his family was escorted out for their own safety. The same man once said of Donald Trump that he “doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies.” Yes, all of this seems totally fine and completely above board. If Cruz is actually appointed to the Supreme Court or given the responsibility of the Attorney General role, he should buy a fun chalkboard for his desk where he can mark how many times per week Trump insults him to his face or blames his family for JFK’s assassination.

(via Bloomberg Politics)