Trump Encouraged A Crowd To Vote Three Weeks Late, So The Internet Collectively Facepalmed

The free and easy days of early 2015 dealt with strange and incomprehensible Donald Trump remarks on a monthly basis. Then, slowly but surely, his frequency of controversial statements would increase on a weekly basis, then daily, and now it seems like an hourly basis. His latest gaffe came on the campaign trail at a Florida rally where he encouraged his diminishing base to vote on Nov. 28, nearly three weeks after the actual Election Day on Nov. 8.

Naturally, the internet collectively facepalmed, then actually hoped his followers would listen to his advice.

In an election year in which Trump’s supporters earnestly believe that Hillary Clinton is either dying, a cyborg, a demon or all of the above (like an enemy from Doom), perhaps this is the latest Trump screw-up that will lead them to the conclusion that Trump never wanted to be president and he was in Hillary’s pocket all along.


Donald Trump’s legend is best served on the set of a reality TV show until he’s unceremoniously led away by security after his sexual assault brags start to creep everyone out.

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