Donald Trump Insults ‘The View’ After Hosts Hammer Ben Carson For His Endorsement

The ladies of The View had former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on as a guest, and asked him repeatedly why the heck he is endorsing Donald Trump for president. Guess how Trump felt when he found out?

But first, here is the back-and-forth Carson had with The View cohosts, particularly Whoopi Goldberg, who bluntly asks the following question: “I hate to ask this question, but you have aligned yourself with the man who has bashed women, made countless racist remarks, and you’re Ben Carson. Why would you align yourself with that?”

This launches a back and forth about other discriminatory business practices Trump may or may not have engaged in, and then somehow ends up on Ben Carson’s approval of how Trump has raised his kids. But when it comes down to it, “What I think is really the worst thing that threatens our nation right now is a political class, a ruling class, and they are so threatened by anybody who is not beholden to them, they will do virtually anything.”

As a result, Whoopi says, “You can say that until the cows come home, sir, this guy is — I’m sorry — he’s a racist, and he’s not good for the country.” Carson cynically replies, “What’s the alternative?” And it goes on from there.

As The Hill points out, Donald Trump has gotten wind of this, and is not happy. As he said on Twitter:

So, does Whoopi Goldberg call Donald Trump a racist because it’s true, or because he refuses to appear on The View? You decide.

(via The Hill)

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