Donald Trump Admits He Isn’t Sure Whether The Trump Foundation Is Operating Lawfully, But ‘I Hope So’

While the world is still trying to figure out exactly what the Trump Foundation is, what it’s done, and what it’s actually supposed to be doing, it turns out that everyone’s confusion isn’t unfounded. Even the Donald himself isn’t exactly clear on everything about the Donald J. Trump Foundation, including whether the organization is fully operating by the book.

Donald Trump appeared on Full Measure where he was grilled about the Trump Foundation, including whether he was confident that the foundation had followed all charitable rules and laws.

“Well, I hope so, I mean, my lawyers do it. We give away money, I don’t make anything, I take no salaries, I take no — any costs, I have zero costs, and a lot of money goes through the Trump Foundation into charities. Goes to charities, it doesn’t go to me, it goes to charities.”

Trump himself hasn’t donated to the Donald J. Trump Foundation since 2008, although the foundation has taken on tens of millions in donations over the past ten years. During a time when people are calling for Trump to release his tax returns, and there is already ongoing litigation regarding some of Trump’s past endeavors — such as Trump University — more controversy from yet another of the Republican nominee’s namesakes is the last thing that Trump’s team would want during a heated election season.

(Via Full Measure/NBCNews)

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