Donald Trump Selects Mike Pence As His Vice Presidential Candidate

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After what seems like an endless week of speculation, several media outlets are reporting that Donald Trump’s vice presidential position is all sewn up. ABC News has spoken with a source that claims to have direct knowledge of Donald Trump’s vice presidential plans. The outlet now reports that Trump has offered the position to Indiana Governor Mike Pence. None of this would be a shock after the two men held a “fabulous” meeting at Pence’s home (the governor’s mansion) a few days ago, and some “strong hints” arrived this morning about Pence being the chosen one.

The Indy Star is also running with the story and calling it a confirmation. And naturally, they reveal how Pence has accepted the challenge and dropped his gubernatorial reelection bid. Then after all these details, the paper adds that Trump’s campaign spokesperson, Hope Hicks, still insists that “a decision has not been made.” She must have the toughest job in the biz right now. Hicks has referred all eyes to the planned 11 a.m. Friday announcement, which will take place live from NYC.

Aaaand CNN just issued a breaking report that says, indeed, Trump called up Pence with the offer, and this is a done deal. This report was bound to leak, of course. Trump won’t have the big drum roll in the morning now, but he’ll still roll out the steak-filled red carpet.

UPDATE: Trump has postponed his official handshake with Pence after this evening’s attack in Nice, France.

(Via ABC News, Indy Star & CNN)