Trump Explains Why He Travels To Play Golf So Much As President: ‘That White House Is A Real Dump’

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Newly Reinceless President of the United States Donald Trump can explain why he’s been spotted out golfing so much. His reasoning? Well, Trump thinks the White House is a “real dump.”

Trump’s fondness for the game has plunked him on golf courses while in office at a rate never seen before. Sports Illustrated profiled Trump’s relationship with golf in a new profile piece. In the article, Trump reportedly trashed his current D.C. accommodations at his Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey.

Chatting with some members before a recent round of golf, he explained his frequent appearances: “That White House is a real dump.” (A White House spokesperson denies this occurred.)

To be fair to the White House, it’s not like Trump is revered the globe over for his impeccable taste either. Trump’s analysis on why he’s spent so much first term time on the golf course might satisfy the elbow-rubbers at Bedminster Golf Club, but it doesn’t do any favors for a president that seems to be plagued with scandal on a daily basis.

Trump’s comments also inspired a wave of response online, including a tweet from Chelsea Clinton lavishing the White House staff with praise for the work they do.

If we all play our cards right, we can stop a Trump-based C-SPAN White House remodeling show before it gets off the ground.