Traces Of Explosives Were Found On Victims’ Remains From The EgyptAir Crash


On Thursday, investigators revealed how traces of explosives were found on the remains of victims of EgyptAir flight 804, which took the lives of 66 people in May. Investigators aren’t sure how a bomb would have arrived on board, which points towards further digging in the future.

The plane disappeared somewhere over the Mediterranean on a May flight from Paris to Egypt with a fire standing out as an possible crash cause. Egypt’s civil aviation investigation committee was first to present these findings, but the investigation was a prolonged one. The months-long process grew due to disagreements between French and Egyptian experts.

In addition, an Egyptian source told The Guardian how an announcement of a possible explosion was postponed for months, partially because French authorities wanted extra time to study the findings. Disputes over the return of the French bodies also prolonged the process.

In the case that a bomb is found to be the definitive cause of the May crash, investigators will have to determine how it could have been smuggled aboard. The plane departed from the most hectic French airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle, so the investigation may be difficult to accomplish. France’s air safety agency, BEA, and the manufacturer of the plane did not comment on the recent findings.

(Via The Guardian)