The Death Toll In Egypt Surpasses 300 Following Friday’s Deadly Terror Attack

The death toll has risen to 305 in the deadly terror attack at a Sufi mosque in northern Sinai, Egypt on Friday, with another 128 injured. 27 children were among those killed in the attack, which is being said to be the deadliest to ever take place in the country. The attack was carried out by 25 to 30 men with long hair and beards who arrived in five separate SUVs carrying automatic machine guns and wearing military fatigues.

Tamer Rifai a military spokesman for Egypt said in a statement on Saturday, “The Egyptian Air Force pursued the terrorist elements, discovered and destroyed a number of vehicles that carried out the brutal terrorist killings, and killed all terrorists inside those vehicles.”

ISIS has still not claimed responsibility for the attack although at least one of the men who entered the mosque was carrying an ISIS flag. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi gave a short, televised statement following the attack, vowing to hunt down the remaining attackers.

“We will respond to this act with brute force against these terrorists,” he said. “This terrorist act will strengthen our resolve, steadfastness and will to stand up to, resist and battle against terrorism.”

Sisi has declared a three-day period of national mourning in the wake of the attack.

(Via CNN)