El Chapo Nearly Evaded Arrest Again, According To Dramatic New Footage Of The Raid

After last Friday’s raid, Mexican authorities successfully recaptured Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. The notorious drug kingpin landed back inside the same maximum security prison he fled in July. Potential extradition to the U.S. could take a year (if it happens), as El Chapo is expected to appeal the process “all the way to Mexico’s highest court.”

A newly released video shows the dramatic way El Chapo was nabbed. CNN obtained 50 minutes of footage from their Televisa affiliate, and this clip shows a mere 30 seconds of action. We can see gunfire flashes and grenades being thrown into the structure where El Chapo hid. Five members of the cartel died during the raid, and at least one soldier was injured. Soldiers go room-to-room to clear the structure, but El Chapo had “already escaped through a manhole.” Yes, El Chapo fled (again) through the sewer:

Before he was caught, Guzman spent hours below ground as his henchmen sought to lure pursuing Marines up toward the roof of the house he had been holed up in, in Los Mochis in his native state of Sinaloa. As rains started to fill the drains, Guzman eventually emerged from a manhole near a gas station a mile (1.5 km) across town and stole a car at gunpoint.

He didn’t get far. As soldiers led El Chapo away in cuffs, the kingpin said, “My holidays are over.” Sean Penn must be feeling the heat, too. The actor (and actress Kate de Castillo) are under investigation after Penn’s interview with El Chapo, but not all of the attention is negative.

Geraldo Rivera stepped up to defend Sean Penn’s “scoop.” Rivera thinks people are unnecessarily piling onto Penn, and “it’s not a crime or jerky to be a journalist.” A few trifles exist here: (1) Rivera has a history of his own journalistic oopsies; (2) Penn didn’t engage in journalism as much as he wrote a diary entry. But Rivera is not deterred.

Geraldo also tweeted about El Chapo’s possible extradition. He mused over how long it will take for the drug trade to find a new kingpin.

(Via CNN & Huffington Post)