Elizabeth Warren Taunts Donald Trump By Clucking Like A Chicken Over His Missing Tax Returns

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren stumped for Hillary Clinton on Sunday evening alongside Bernie Sanders. Naturally, the Warren speech turned to her favorite pastime, bashing Donald Trump. In this clip, she derides his complaints of a “rigged game” in the election by claiming that Trump’s rigged the economic game for himself. She then tears into the “big, brave” Republican nominee for being “too chicken” to let voters see his tax returns. Warren even clucked like a chicken to hammer home her point, which seems like mild payback for all of those “Pocahontas” jabs.

Will Trump ever release his tax returns? Probably not, but the media will keep digging. The biggest tiger is likely out of the bag on this issue after the NY Times published documents that revealed he may have avoided federal taxes for up to two decades. The embarrassment of that nearly billion-dollar business loss in 2015 didn’t seem to phase Trump, who’s seen multiple scandals in the aftermath.

Warren covered plenty of other ground in her speech, but she took great pleasure in tearing into Trump for bragging about sexually assaulting women. She can’t believe he rose to the status of major-party nominee:

“I never in my life thought that we would see a nominee for president of the United States who calls women fat pigs and bimbos. I never thought we would see a nominee for president who would brag about sexually assaulting women. I never thought I would see a nominee who would attack his victims who came forward, saying they were too ugly to have been the objects of his assault. Some people say it makes them sick to hear Donald Trump talk like that. Well not me. Donald Trump’s words don’t make me sick anymore. They make me furious.”

Trump hasn’t yet responded to Warren’s mocking of him, but it’s only a matter of time before someone alerts him. Of course, he’s been busy anger-tweeting about “Crooked Hillary” and election rigging for the past 24 hours. There’s only so much Trump tweetstorm to go around in a given day.

You can see a longer version of Warrens’ rant against Trump below.

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