Elizabeth Warren Challenges Donald Trump’s ‘Hate-Filled America’ At The DNC

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Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren addressed a restless crowd at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia Monday night. Her speech was an attempt to energize and unify a vocally divided Democratic party.

Warren immediately spoke to Bernie Sanders‘ supporters by stating, “Bernie reminds us what Democrats fight for every day. Thank you, Bernie.” She went on to outline the choice in the election by drawing a vivid contrast between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But as soon as Warren said the words “I’m with Hillary,” a small but disruptive group of protestors started to chant “We trusted you!”

Warren powered through, highlighting differences between the Democratic and Republican parties. “People get it. The system is rigged,” she said. “Washington works great for those at the top … But try to do anything for working people, and you’ll have a fight on your hands. Democrats have taken on those fights. That’s what we do.” She added: “I’m not someone who thinks that Republicans are always wrong and Democrats are always right … But there is a huge difference between the people fighting to level the playing field and the people fighting to keep the system rigged.”

The Massachusetts Senator then pivoted to what seems to be her primary role this election season: disparaging Clinton’s opponent. “Donald Trump goes on and on and on about being a successful businessman,” she said, “But filed bankruptcy six times — always to protect his own money and stick the investors and contractors with the bill.” She went on to accuse him of trying to win votes by “fanning the flames of fear and hatred.” Her comments about Trump went over well, but every time Warren invoked Clinton’s name, she was met by loud booing.

“When we turn on each other we can’t unite to fight a rigged system,” Warren told the crowd. “Well I got news for Donald Trump: the American people will not fall for it. We will not be Donald Trump’s hate-filled America. Not now, not ever.”

Warren endorsed Clinton shortly after President Obama in early June. She was reported to be high on Clinton’s VP shortlist before she quashed rumors by accepting her DNC speaking slot. Warren has been a vocal critic of Trump throughout the primaries and called his nomination acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention that of a “two-bit dictator of some country that you couldn’t find on a map.”

Here’s Warren’s full speech, which you can watch below.