Elizabeth Warren Unleashed Another Trump-Skewering Tweetstorm On Sunday Morning

warren trump
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The 2016 election cycle is already filled with craziness and unexpected political choices, and we’re still months away from the actual election day that will decide whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be our nation’s next president. Trump may have already chosen his running mate in advance of his party’s convention, but Hillary has yet to name who she will be spending time with on the campaign trail (besides dear old Bill, that is). That hasn’t stopped Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren from coming after Trump time and time again on Twitter.

Whether she is angling for the VP nomination or just boosting her own political approval rating by taking shots at an easy target is unclear, but one thing that’s for sure is that Warren’s tweet storms are always entertaining. This particular one centers on the GOP’s platform and rhetoric as well as Mike Pence’s politics.

She starts off by going in on Trump picking Pence as his potential VP.

She then moves on to GOP party politics and their harmful legislation.

Lastly, she goes at Donald Trump directly and dares him to step up his game since name-calling is not affecting her as he probably would hope. Warren also tweeted an excess number of links and screenshots of news stories proving that Trump is a business fraud and a liar.

She may not be planning on joining Hillary in the White House this fall, but Warren is definitely doing a good job upholding the Democratic Party’s war on Trump’s beliefs.