Elizabeth Warren Unloads On Donald Trump In A Scathing Twitter Rant

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Donald Trump might be closer than ever to the American presidency, but there’s a silver lining: Elizabeth Warren has our back. Warren previously roasted Ted Cruz on Twitter for calling his now-failed campaign a “significant sacrifice,” and now she’s here to get Trump.

First, Senator Warren takes a moment to express something like shock or resignation over Trump becoming the Republican nominee:

Her next several tweets are about how dangerous a Trump presidency would be.

So even though Trump might have to moderate his message now in order to appeal to the American public in a general election, these unfortunate elements might still carry over, especially since he doesn’t seem to mind KKK support, or violent supporters.

These two tweets lay out how harmful Trump’s foreign policy initiatives have the potential to be, according to Warren. While his ideas on national security might make no sense, it’s frighteningly clear that he has supported torturing terror suspects in the past.

Therefore Warren warns us to get serious about this election:

Like the Daily Intelligencer puts it, “Warren reassured Americans that she would personally fight to save them from their own questionable choices.”

Does this mean she’ll become Hillary’s running mate? At the very least, this hopefully means she’ll take a more visible role in the election from now on, including future Trump-centric talk show appearances.