Elizabeth Warren Insists That She’s Not Running For President In 2020

During the same Saturday night Pennsylvania rally where President Trump called Chuck Todd a “son of a bitch,” he also again poked at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). His chosen jab was the same as always (the one that he used while honoring Native American Code Talkers) and referenced Warren as “Pocahontas.” While claiming that he needed to win a reelection bid in 2020 (or the press will “be out of business”), he also asserted that Warren would kill “ratings.” On Sunday morning, Warren did the cable news rounds and told both NBC’s Todd and CNN’s Jim Acosta (above), “I am not running for president of the United States.”

With that said, Acosta asked whether she’s bothered by Trump using what many consider to be a racial slur, and here’s how Warren responded:

“It’s about my family’s story. Because my family’s story is deeply a part of me and a part of my brothers. It’s what we learned from our parents. It’s what we learned from our grandparents. It’s what we learned from our aunts and uncles.

“I went to speak to Native American tribal leaders and I made a promise to them that every time President Trump wants to try to throw out some kind of racial slur, he wants to attack me, I’m going to use it as a chance to lift up their stories.”

Indeed, Warren’s recent “Pocahontas” speech was praised as a “step in the right direction” by a Native American activist. The Democratic senator has also gone on record to claim that Trump’s using the unfortunate nickname to “shut me up with it.” If you missed Trump’s latest mention of Warren, watch below.

(Via CNN, NBC News & Fox News)