Elon Musk Teases New Non-Car Product Line From Tesla

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Elon Musk, the genius billionaire who’s as close to Tony Stark as we get in real life, is best known for commercial aerospace company SpaceX and electric car manufacturer Tesla. But Tesla may soon be known for more than just cars. Musk tweet-teased something new to be unveiled in exactly one month:

So what could this new product line be? Musk has talked up the idea that the batteries used to power their cars could soon be doing the same for our homes. And because Tesla is publicly traded, we also know that the company projected the production of consumer battery packs in as little as six months during its last earnings call.

But Musk is known for being a man that lives outside the box. A few years ago he released schematics for the ‘Hyperloop’, a high speed transportation system that pushes capsules through low-pressure tubes at a top speed over 700 miles per hour. And earlier this year he announced plans to build a test track for researchers, companies, and students experimenting with the technology.

Musk also mentioned earlier this year that Telsa engineers were working on a car charger that plugs itself into your Tesla vehicle on its own like “a solid metal snake”, which sounds equal parts cool and terrifying.

So this new product line could literally be anything, although its attachment to his Tesla company certainly implies it uses Tesla technology, expertise and resources. Safe to assume it will be high tech, visionary, and probably outside of your price range.