Eric Andre Crashed Alex Jones’ Arrival At A Donald Trump Rally

Alex Jones, the conservative talk radio host and founder of Infowars, a website steeped in far-right conspiracy theories, was scheduled to speak Monday at a rally outside of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. But before he could get too far into his remarks, he found himself interrupted by an unlikely guest.

Comedian and troll extraordinaire Eric Andre was in the crowd messing with audience members when Jones, mistaking him for Trevor Noah, invited him to the stage. “Hey! Let’s bring the Daily Show guy up here,” Jones said. “Just bring the agitator on in here.” Once onstage, Andre told Jones he wasn’t an agitator, “just wanted to sign up for the open mic.”

“Ah no, the Democrats are never violent, like the Black Lives Matter events and attacking the Trump people,” Jones replied. The conversation only got weirder from there:

André: I’m not a Democrat either, I’m a nihilist.
Jones: I know, I know, but The Daily Show isn’t a Pentagon 11 program…
Andre: I’m not on The Daily Show, I’m on MySpace.
Jones: Well that’s good, well listen, I mean, you seem like you’re upset.
Andre: I want you to have sex with my wife.
Jones: Alright so just trying to be shocking.
Andre: No not at all, I really… here’s my hotel key. I want you to have sex with my wife.
Jones: Sir, I know you’re trying to be shocking right now…
Andre: I’m super into Trump. Trump all day, baby. Right? Trump, baby!

After unsuccessfully attempting to get Jones to take his hotel key, Andre switched gears, asking the conspiracy theorist, “Why does my pee pee come out yellow?” Jones turned to the crowd and called Andre an agitator who wants to quash free speech.

Andre moved on to Jones’ theories about 9/11, yelling, “Jet fuel can’t melt steel! Who put the bombs in tower 7!” Jones chuckled, “I’ve exposed all that.” Andre ended his performance by screaming “don’t tread on me!” as he was forcibly removed from the stage. Well, he knows how to get attention.