A Mysterious Explosion In Central Park ‘Severs’ A Man’s Foot Ahead Of July 4th


The Fourth of July holiday often brings the worst news, which appears to have started early this year. A heavily-trafficked portion of NYC’s Central Park has been closed after an explosion and a “possible amputation” to one man’s foot. ABC News says the cause was “likely fireworks,” but the Fire Department of New York cautioned the media against speculation with an NYPD bomb squad investigation still pending.

The incident occurred close enough to Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel‘s funeral that the on-site counterterrorism team present heard the blast, which adds even more publicity to this awful news. There’s no indication that the two events are related in any way.

The New York Post spoke to one witness, John Murphy, who noted that the victim’s foot was “appeared to have been severed at the ankle.” The NY Daily News relates more words from Murphy, who engaged the man’s friends and learned that the man was merely “walking down the rocks and he stepped on it.” Whether “it” was an errant firework or something else, no one knows yet, but the victim’s friends said no one in the group carried fireworks.

The NYPD has increased security in and around Central Park, which remains open other than the small portion where the explosion occurred. WABC News’ Josh Einiger tweeted photos and videos from the scene.

(Via NY Daily News, The Independent & ABC News)