A Massive Explosion Ripped Through A Mexico City Fireworks Market, Injuring Dozens

Late Tuesday afternoon, an explosion ripped through a fireworks market outside of Mexico City. This BNO News video shows the moments following the immediate explosion with clouds of smoke billowing from the building. The Independent immediately reported dozens of injuries with Mexico’s head of national emergency services, Luis Felipe Puente, forecasting that the number would rapidly rise. He also warned people not come within three miles of the building, for the explosion had damaged nearby structures.

ABC News reports that the Mexican Red Cross deployed 10 ambulances and 50 paramedics to the market, although fireworks continued to pop off as rescue workers began to work. At least 60 people have been injured in this explosion, while the death toll has reached 27 victims.

In 2013, a similar fireworks market explosion in Nativitas (in central Mexico) killed 16 people and injured over 150 more.

Alejandro Alvarez of Politico tweeted some drone footage, which shows hollowed-out fireworks stalls within the market.

(Via The Independent, ABC News & BNO News)