The FBI Surrounds The Remaining Oregon Militia Members For A Final Standoff

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By now, much of the world has moved on from the so-called Bundy Militia, who occupied a bird sanctuary by force for nearly a month. The group protested rancher property rights and took a stand against #tyranny with much media revelry. The most prominent members of the group, including Cliven Bundy‘s sons and Jon Ritzheimer, were arrested during a traffic stop and booked under federal felony charges (which could carry up to six years behind bars). LaVoy “Tarpman” Finicum was killed during the altercation when he (as unedited FBI footage revealed) pulled a gun on authorities.

A handful of occupants stayed at the refuge, and four still remain. They’re taking a stand and refusing to leave, especially without their weapons. As always, the The Oregonian‘s Les Zaitz — who has been instrumental from the very beginning — is keeping tabs on the situation. He reports that the FBI has “encircled” the refuge in “armored vehicles,” which await surrender.

Yes, one of the occupiers is livestreaming this whole shebang. Anything could happen, and the stream is right here if you dare to listen. Much of the existing transcript can be found over at Oregon Live, but here’s the lowdown:

A friend of occupier David Fry was streaming on YouTube through an open phone line to the refuge as authorities made what appeared to be a final push to end the 40-day old occupation. Besides David Fry, 27, of Cincinnati, the encampment includes Jeff Banta of Elko, Nevada, and Sean and Sandy Anderson of Riggins, Idaho.

“Come out with your hands up,” a law-enforcement official was heard saying. The FBI said negotiations were under way and that “no shots have been fired.” The holdouts all face arrest on a federal charge of conspiracy for their roles in the armed occupation. “There’s nowhere for you to go,” the officer also was heard saying. Fry shouted back, “We’re leaving tomorrow. … You guys killed LaVoy … You let Obama bring terrorists into our country.”

Much of the rest includes FBI agents attempting to diffuse the situation and several occupiers arguing among themselves. Occupier Sean Anderson claims they won’t shoot before authorities do, but they do not expect to emerge alive from the refuge. Who knows what this night will bring. Will the militants still refuse to surrender come sunrise?

(Via Oregon Live)