A Horrifying Photo From Inside A Flooded Texas Nursing Home Fortunately Has A Happy Ending

A startling image of senior citizens trapped in waist-deep water in the wake of Hurricane Harvey appeared nearly too tragic to be true. According to Galveston’s The Daily News, the photo above is indeed real, but there’s a happy ending to this haunting image.

The Daily News reports that fifteen seniors have been rescued from the La Vita Bella nursing home in Dickinson, Texas. A helicopter came to extract people from the flooded facility and air-lifted residents to safety. The photo was shared by Timothy McIntosh who stated that his mother-in-law owns the nursing home. His wife Kimberly said that her mother sent the photo “hoping the national guard would come.” The photo’s shocking content immediately caught the public’s attention and generated a lot of questions about the accuracy of the image.

Catastrophic flooding has left Texas and Louisiana reeling after being battered with the brutal storm. Rising waters in Houston resulted in over one thousand rescues with rescue operations are still underway in the disaster’s wake.

If you’re interested in learning how to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey’s severe flooding, we have a guide on the different options available to you and your desire to lend a hand.

(Via Galveston Daily News)