Florida Governor Rick Scott Reached Out To Trump And Pence, But Not Obama, After Today’s Airport Shooting

The situation at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is still developing, but that didn’t stop Florida Governor Rick Scott’s press conference from turning into a politically charged meeting with reporters. The former potential Republican vice presidential contender told the press he’d “reached out” to President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence, both of whom take office in two weeks, but initially didn’t say whether or not he’d spoken with outgoing President Barack Obama.

“I have reached out to President-elect Trump, and spoken to him and to Vice President-elect Pence multiple times to keep them informed,” he said. “They told me whatever resources that we need from the federal government, they would do everything in their power to make that happen.” Trump apparently tweeted about the Florida airport shooting soon after his phone call with Scott, saying he was “monitoring the terrible situation” and sending his “thoughts and prayers” to the victims and their families.

However, since neither Trump nor Pence have any “power” to speak of until Friday, January 20, the absence of President Obama in Scott’s remarks intrigued the reporters. When one asked whether or not it’d be more “appropriate” to call the president for “resources,” Scott explained he “reached out” to Trump and Pence due to his “personal relationship” with them. Following another reporter’s question about a possible weapons ban in airports, however, Scott snapped:

It’s horrible what happened here. It’s not time to be political. It’s a time to mourn those that lost their life, finish an investigation, and pray for everybody who is still fighting for their life.

According to Fox News, Obama has been briefed about the shooting at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Yet neither the outgoing president’s current administration, nor anyone affiliated with his office, has issued an official statement on the matter.

(Via ABC News, CBS News and Fox News)