A Florida Shooting Survivor Suggests Renaming AR-15s After Marco Rubio: They’re Both ‘So Easy To Buy’

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Marco Rubio keeps taking the hits over his A+ NRA rating after the Florida school shooting, but this one’s gonna leave a mark. Earlier this week, the GOP senator from Florida (voluntarily) subjected himself to an unfriendly line of questioning at the CNN Town Hall, where he was confronted by survivor Cameron Kasky, who asked him if he would stop accepting campaign donations from the gun lobby. “Little Marco” refused to make that commitment, but it was his literal use of the word “buy” — while saying he would support those who “buy into my agenda” — that was most damning in the eyes of his critics.

One Florida school shooting survivor has now summed the situation up. While referencing the type of rifle used by gunman Nikolas Cruz to kill 17 people on Valentine’s Day, Sarah Chadwick tweeted, “We should change the names of AR-15s to ‘Marco Rubio’ because they are so easy to buy.”

Indeed, Rubio has accepted millions of dollars in donations from the NRA, and immediately following the latest massacre, he seemed to offer every reason in the world besides “gun laws” for why Cruz was able to commit mass murder. Rubio later called for a “task force” on these continuing attacks and said he’d support a bump stock ban, expanded background checks, and a change in age limits to purchase guns, but it was too late.

As a result, a grieving father boldly took Rubio to task for his “pathetically weak” remarks, and Sarah Chadwick has now scored a solid burn. On a related note, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and Brian Stelter are praising the teen survivors for successfully turning around the dialogue over this tragedy. Watch below.

(Via Sarah Chadwick on Twitter & CNN)