‘Fox And Friends’ Writes Off Conor Lamb’s Impending Victory Because He’s ‘Cute,’ And ‘Cuteness Counts’

Democrat Conor Lamb did the unthinkable by seemingly winning over Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district in Tuesday’s special election, a typically red district that Donald Trump won by double digits in 2016. This is all despite Trump showing up to campaign for Lamb’s opponent, GOP House representative Rick Saccone, along with Don Jr.’s angry ice cream social.

Naturally, Fox and Friends sought to downplay Lamb’s impending victory early Wednesday morning — despite the fact that this seems to be part of a trend that is looking very bad for Republicans in the midterms. Host Steve Doocy attributed Trump’s visit for Lamb’s narrow margin against Saccone. “If you believe in polls, maybe it was the president’s visit, and the visit from the Trump family,” Doocy noted. “None the less, too close to call.”

Ainsley Earhardt then suggested examining what exactly it is about Lamb that people like so much, and Doocy pointed out that Fox News’ Brit Hume suggested it’s because he’s cute.

“He is very handsome,” Earhardt admitted, laughing. “He’s young, he’s a Marine…” “I go to Brit Hume to find out what policies matter and sometimes who’s the cuter one,” Brian Kilmeade added. “Absolutely, cuteness counts.”

If that’s the case, the GOP better find some real dreamboats before they get clobbered in November.