Fox News Decries T-Shirts With Pro-Journalism Slogans As ‘Anti-President Trump Rhetoric’

Of the many negative relationships President Donald Trump has fostered since hitting the campaign trail, one of the worst is his antagonistic rivalry with those media outlets he dubs “fake news.” Between his incessant need to vilify critical reporting, and his administration’s wholehearted support for continued efforts to lambaste the “opposition party,” outlets like CNN and the New York Times have been forced to mount defensive campaigns to counter the White House’s attacks. Efforts like the #PressOn campaign, which encouraged people to subscribe to and support journalism, and new slogans.

It’s several examples of the latter, especially the Washington Post‘s eye-catching “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” that fueled a critical Fox & Friends report on Tuesday. The flagship morning show on the largely pro-Trump Fox News was especially incensed by the newspaper slogans’ being used to sell t-shirts. “Media bias on full display,” said host Heather Childers. “Newspapers [are] now cashing in on t-shirts splashed with anti-President Trump rhetoric.” Sure enough, in addition to a shirt bearing the Post‘s aforementioned slogan, the report notes the Los Angles Times and the Chicago Tribune are also selling apparel bearing their taglines.

“But what about the free market?” jokes notwithstanding, Fox News isn’t entirely being disingenuous, for its own store is no longer accepting orders. However, fans of network talking heads like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity can freely purchase shirts and other apparel from their individual websites. From “American Patriot” and “The Spin Stops Here,” to “Can You Afford Four More?” shirts referencing Hillary Clinton with President Obama’s campaign logo, anyone who bleeds red, white, and blue is free to buy plenty of their own biased media goods if desired.

(Via Fox News)