Report: Rupert Murdoch Plans To Morph Fox News Into A Full-Fledged Pro-Trump TV News Network

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In the wake of Fox News star Megyn Kelly’s impending departure, the cable news network is also looking to rebrand with a more pro-Donald Trump stance than usual. New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman details how Kelly’s exit and Tucker Carlson’s shift into her time slot are subtle signals that Rupert Murdoch may be looking garner the favor of the president-elect.

Sherman notes how, “During the GOP primary, Murdoch veered from neutral to openly hostile to Trump’s candidacy.” He even took Megyn Kelly’s side during her feud with Trump. Then general election season saw Murdoch back Trump after meeting with his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

But that may soon change, as recent changes may hint that Murdoch wants Fox News to transform into a pro-Trump news network. Sean Hannity, who has publicly vouched for Trump, has already won over his favor, for Trump tweeted glowing praise for his Julian Assange interview. And Carlson’s promotion to Kelly’s old spot is perhaps another sign, as Carlson does a fair amount of Trump coverage and has been a ratings juggernaut for the network.

Fox News may not turn into the long-rumored Trump TV overnight, but the recent moves and Murdoch’s changing attitude may signal the network will provide the president-elect with some more favorable reporting.

(Via New York)