The GOP Debate Hits A New Low As Donald Trump References His Private Parts

At Thursday evening’s Fox News GOP debate, Donald Trump wasted no time launching into the first personal attack of the evening. Of course, things started out with gentility. Both Trump and Marco Rubio played nice and pretended no personal attacks would take place. Perhaps at least one of them meant what they said, but the civil vibe didn’t last long.

Trump first conceded that Rubio’s “really not that much of a lightweight” (although the more infamous insult, “chocker,” never came out to play). However, Trump just couldn’t help himself. Something was picking away at the Trump ego, so he had to get this terrible thing off his chest. And what a thing it was.

Trump took issue with Rubio coming for his “small hands.” Trump vociferously defended his digits: “He hit my hands!” No one has ever dared to speak of Trump’s hands before, and Trump didn’t appreciate the implication that small hands means there’s also a small … package on board. Trump assured the audience of his version of the truth: “I guarantee you there’s no problem.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the GOP frontrunner would like you to know what’s in his pants. Is that “presidential” enough for the masses to cast a vote for Trump?