Sean Hannity Appears In A Trump Ad, And Fox News Claims It Won’t Happen Again

Sean Hannity hasn’t hidden (not even for a moment) his support for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, but his bosses at Fox News appear to want him to tone it down a touch. Hannity appeared in a pro-Donald Trump ad over the weekend, which is a bit odd, even for a TV host who recently told the New York Times, “I never claimed to be a journalist.” In response, a spokesman for Fox News said they were unaware he was participating in the eight-minute promo spot and claimed it won’t happen again:

“We were not aware of Sean Hannity participating in a promotional video and he will not be doing anything along these lines for the remainder of the election season.”

In the eight-minute ad, conservative figures display their support for Trump, intercut with the most American pictures you can imagine. The video showcases open fields, birds spreading their wings across the open land, Ted Nugent, and of course, a gun atop the Constitution. Hannity only appears in the video for 30 seconds, but he’s made up for it elsewhere. In recent weeks, he has reportedly been serving as an informal advisor to Trump and will be moderating a town hall meeting at a black church in Cleveland.

Hannity has said the main reason he supports Trump is that he is going to make the constitution great again by putting “originalists” in the Supreme Court. As for the Donald’s other views? He doesn’t care as long as the Supreme Court is set:

“One of the reasons I’m supporting Donald Trump this year is No. 1, he’s going to put originalists on the Supreme Court, people that believe in fidelity to the Constitution, separation of powers, co-equal branches of government. He’s a guy that will vet refugees to keep Americans safe. And of course he’s gonna build that wall. He says he’s gonna have Mexico pay for it. That’s fine, as long as we secure the country and of course we don’t want people competing for jobs.”

It isn’t known at this time how Fox News will handle the situation or if Hannity will be punished. The network has gone through some changes after Roger Ailes was dismissed for sexual harassment allegations, so the cable news network probably isn’t eager for another media circus.

(Via Politico & The Washington Post)

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