France Adds A Few Corrections To A White House Video Defending Trump’s Decision To Leave The Paris Agreement

President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement has faced a fair share of criticism by many around the globe. Business leaders criticized the president for turning his back on the environment to keep a campaign promise, while world leaders swiftly responded by contradicting Trump’s promise to get a “better deal.” One of the more prominent critics has been France and newly-elected president Emmanuel Macron. The French president spoke not long after Trump’s decision, trolling the president by modifying his own campaign slogan to say “Make the planet great again.” Now the nation has taken The White House’s video detailing why the United States was leaving the Paris Accord and made a few corrections to it along the way. By a few, we mean the entire presentation is now covered in red ink like a term paper written with a hangover. The original clip above, released on Friday, noting the U.S. government view on why we can no longer be a part of the informal non-binding climate deal, joining Syria and Nicaragua as the only outliers.

For the French, this just wasn’t good enough and required their own version:

This response by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs is definitely mocking in nature, which is the norm these days, but also provides good information for each of the Trump administration’s points. For example, in France’s version of the video, the United States claims their economy would lose 6.5 million industrial sector jobs by 2040. The French response says that “many major U.S. companies from all sectors, such as Exxon Mobile, Schneider Electric or Microsoft, disagree,” some publicly abandoning the administration. The video also includes Macron’s “Make Our Planet Great Again,” once again openly expressing the displeasure with Trump for leaving the deal.

Predictably, Twitter took notice of the country-on-country shade and offered up some commentary on the latest trolling by France against the United States:

If the oceans rising to a level that will one day swallow Florida wasn’t so serious, this would be hilarious. It seems other nations are still laughing at us.