FYF Fest Will Continue Without Founder Sean Carlson After He Was Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

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Last year, Goldenvoice, the promoter that puts on FYF Fest along with Coachella, Panorama, and many other events, parted ways with founder Sean Carlson ahead of sexual misconduct allegations. But though Carlson would not be working hand-in-hand with the company in booking Coachella, it remained unclear how, and if, FYF would continue following the separation. Today, we got our answer.

AEG, the parent company of Goldenvoice, has bought Calson’s share of FYF Fest and will continue the festival in 2018 and beyond without him, Billboard reports. Carlson held a 50% stake in the event he founded, and will have no part in it going forward. AEG has put Jennifer Yacoubian in charge of booking FYF going forward, a move that feels particularly appropriate considering the allegations against Carlson. Yacoubian has been an employee of Goldenvoice since 2009, booking venues like LA’s Shrine and El Rey, along with Goldenvoice’s event series Splash House.

What remains to be seen is if this affects FYF Fest as a festival. In a landscape where many fests blend together, FYF has long stood out for both its taste level and its roots in hardcore and underground music culture. Last year, its headliners were Missy Elliott, Bjork, Frank Ocean, and Nine Inch Nails, which spoke to the festival’s aesthetic. Here’s hoping that remains as FYF begins this new era.