The Gracious Letter George Bush Gave Bill Clinton After Losing The Election Goes Viral After The Debate

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In a rather contentious election cycle that’s seen too much “nasty” rhetoric, a letter addressed to Bill Clinton by George H. W. Bush from 1993 is showing us that politicians were once nice to each other. The letter in question was a respectful concession letter penned by Bush wishing Clinton luck as president.

Donald Trump made waves towards the end of the final presidential debate as he refused to say whether he will accept the outcome of the presidential election if he loses. It’s generally assumed a candidate that will concede if they know they have lost the battle, but with Trump floating a rigged election conspiracy, that may not happen. Trump said he will keep the American public in suspense, which is never a good omen.

It’s a contentious moment in an already hostile election, but the Bush letter shows politicians can be cordial. The letter, from the official George H. W. Bush Library, issues a hospitable hand to Clinton, saying he welcomed him with “great happiness” and wished him luck:

“You will be our President when you read this note. I wish you well. I wish your family well. Your success is now our country’s success. I am rooting for you.”

Hillary Clinton had originally posted the letter to her Instagram in June, but after Trump’s comments, the letter has a bit more substance to it. You can read the full letter below.

(Via TIME Magazine)